Three Reasons to Buy a Used Car

Those who've searched for their next vehicle in the past have undoubtedly heard hundreds of different opinions and perspectives on the car-buying process and the many different options being presented. One of the first decisions to be made is the one between a brand-new car and a gently used vehicle. While many will be drawn to the well-marketed features of new cars, the true values are found in the used car selection of many dealers. Here at Briggs Subaru of Lawrence, we proudly offer a wide selection of used cars in Lawrence so that our customers may reap the benefits offered by a gently used car.

3. Lower Starting Price

The most obvious benefit of buying a used car is the reduced price. Since most cars take the largest depreciation in the first few years, the price on a car at three years old will be significantly more customer-friendly, while delivering the same performance and reliability.

2. Lower Fees

Also factored into the price of the vehicle are the many fees which can be discovered for lightening your wallet.  One of the biggest differences is the absence of, or differences in, sales tax on used cars versus new cars. Many state laws apply sales tax to new cars, while a used car is not always subjected to the same tax, making the used car even less expensive. Registration fees are another element of a vehicles cost and since they are usually based on the value of the vehicle, a used car will naturally have a lower registration cost. Used cars will also avoid many of the excessive fees seen on new cars. Shipping charges, destination fees, and many more seemingly useless fees all compound to drive up the price of a new car, but are absent on a used car.

1. Quality

The condition of a new vehicle is indisputable, but since all cars are now built to last at least one hundred thousand miles, a car that is a few years old will still have a long, reliable life ahead. You can also capitalize on the offerings of pre-owned certification programs, which provide through inspections to ensure the like-new condition of cars that also have no history of major damage. These certified pre-owned vehicles also come with extended long-term car warranties from most automakers.

While the appeal of a new Subaru and their many features is strong, there are many benefits to purchasing a used car as well. Here at Briggs Subaru of Lawrence, we happily offer new and used vehicles so that you can choose which the best option for your lifestyle is. So if you're ready to get into your next vehicle, stop by our location at 2233 W 29th Terrace, Lawrence, KS. We'll help you find the gently used car that perfectly matches your needs and set you up for a brighter automotive future throughout Lawrence, KS and beyond.

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