Subaru College Graduate Program in Lawrence, KS, Serving Ottawa, KS, Baldwin City, Tonganoxie, & Eudora, KS

Subaru College Graduate Program

The College Graduate Program at Briggs Subaru of Lawrence in Kansas - serving Ottawa, KS, Baldwin City, Tonganoxie, and Eudora, KS - rewards hard-working students looking to purchase or lease a new Subaru vehicle. We know that you've spent a lot of time studying the books, and now you need a new Subaru vehicle to help you enter the professional world with confidence.

If you've recently crossed the stage or plan to graduate in the near future, you may qualify for the Subaru College Graduate program. This program gives new or soon-to-be graduates the opportunity to purchase or lease a Subaru vehicle with a special discount or bonus cash offer. You can also add any other lease or retail offers that you may be eligible for at the time of purchase.

Recent and soon-to-be graduates can apply to finance or lease a new Subaru vehicle under a College Graduate Program for leases and loans approved through Subaru Motors Finance. In addition, all qualified applicants are automatically eligible for any special lease or retail offers currently available. Visit your local Subaru Retailer for complete program details and eligibility.

Contact Briggs Subaru of Lawrence today to schedule an appointment, or visit the dealership at 2233 W 29th Terrace, Lawrence, KS, to have your questions about the College Graduate Program answered. We look forward to seeing you drive home the new Subaru of your dreams!

The tradename "Subaru Motors Finance" and the Subaru logo are owned / licensed by Subaru of America, Inc. and are licensed to JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. ("Chase"). Retail / Loan accounts are owned by Chase.

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