Should I Lease or Buy a Subaru?

Lease vs Buy Briggs Subaru of Lawrence

Leasing vs Buying at Briggs Subaru of Lawrence

Benefits of Buying

  • With no mileage limits, you can drive to your hearts content, especially important for drivers with significant commutes of an adventurous spirit.
  • Pay to own the new car and once the final payment is made, it is yours to enjoy for many years to come.
  • When you choose to trade in or resell the vehicle, you can enjoy the full advantage of its value.
  • Customize the vehicle as you see fit with paint, parts, custom equipment, and more.

Benefits of Leasing

  • When leasing, monthly payments are usually lower than monthly loan payments, as you're only paying for the vehicles expected depreciation during the lease term.
  • Numerous options at the end of a lease term include leasing another new Subaru or even buying the one you've gotten used to with a no-hassle preset purchase price.
  • Enjoy new Subaru cars more frequently.
  • With manufacturer's warranty benefits covering many repairs, you won't have to worry about significant repair costs.

Find the Best Lease or Loan Option for Your Future at Briggs Subaru of Lawrence

As you can see, there are multiple ways to ensure a more blissful future on the roads of Lawrence, Ottawa, KS, Baldwin City, Tonganoxie, Eudora, KS, and beyond. With different benefits, the choice between leasing and buying a new Subaru doesn't have an easy answer. It will depend on your financial situation and preferences, but our team will make sure you have no trouble getting the right option for your future, no matter which option is more appealing.

So take a look through our selection of new Subaru models and then come test drive the vehicles that appeal to you most at our location. With the help of our finance experts, we'll get you set up for a more exciting future, wherever the roads of the future lead.

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