Get an Aerial Perspective on the Subaru WRX


There is no doubt amongst auto fans and enthusiasts that the Subaru WRX stands out as one of the most impressive performance models ever assembled. With unrivaled control even on difficult terrain, astonishing power, and many great convenience features and amenities, the Subaru WRX has established itself as the most formidable model for drivers throughout Lawrence KS, Kansas City, and beyond. The WRX has achieved legendary status in the rally competitions around the world, and now fans can get a unique perspective on the Subaru Rally Team USA tearing around the Oregon Trail Rally 2016.

Utilizing a helicopter, we're able to get a fantastic perspective on this astonishing vehicle as it performs at the height of its capabilities. The Subaru WRX was put through many changes to prepare it for this level of competition, but at its core, this WRX is very similar to the WRX and WRX STI models that drivers have access to at Briggs Subaru of Lawrence.

To learn more about the numerous advantages of the Subaru WRX, or any other high-performance Subaru models like the Subaru BRZ, browse our pre-buy research and new Subaru listings, and then come see us at Briggs Subaru of Lawrence. Once you arrive at our location we'll set up a test drive with your favorite models, discuss finance solutions, and ensure an effortless transition into a thrilling future.

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